Images from the Brussels Museum of Musical Instruments

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From the Brussels Museum of Musical Instruments (BMMI): ancient cuica-like percussion instruments.

BMMI: ancient trumpets - basically end-blown wooden flutes with bone mouthpieces.

BMMI: a pedal-rotated glass .... umm ... thingie ... that you rub ....

BMMI: another angle of the glass "thingie"

BMMI: a bizzare octogonal belled trumpet

BMMI: Lots of weird trumpets!!

BMMI: the next step for me? valve trumpet, slide trumpet, Firebird, then this?

BMMI: a trumpet so huge I couldn't get the full circle in one pic

BMMI: various sonic fingerprints

BMMI: a few rectangular herald trumpets/bugles

BMMI: the world's smallest violin! it's like 10 inches long!

BMMI: precursor to a harp-guitar?

BMMI: what's up with all the hoops?

BMMI: now THIS is truly my next horn :-) Dig the bell!!

BMMI: proves that Dali-esque stringed instruments are not a recent thing

BMMI: can't remember if these are trumpets or oboes ...

BMMI: possibly the first slide trumpet/soprano trombone?

BMMI: more bizzare brass instruments

BMMI: one for the saxophonists

BMMI: another for the saxophonists

BMMI: you guessed it ... more weird brass instruments!

BMMI: I love that shape ... wonder if it's ergonomic at all?

BMMI: a 2-player (or even 3 I guess) harpsichord! Duet, anyone?

BMMI: a harp-guitar and ... ancient mandolin?

BMMI: not an upright, but a SIDEWAYS piano! What a concept! That's gotta save tons of space, and could even be portable. Wonder why nobody makes 'em any more...

View from the tower of the BMMI

BMMI: old synths

BMMI: an old Korg drum machine. I've been assured by a very knowledgeable chap that "it doesn't suck" :-)

BMMI: this gets an ergonomic "WTF?"

BMMI: a (relatively) tiny pipe organ. I'd love to have one!

BMMI: an Adolphe Sax invention. 1 valve for each slide position, which comes out one bell. Ok, let's see if I can explain that better. Instead of playing first position, you press the first valve. Which comes out the first bell. Then for second position, you press second valve, which comes out the second bell. So each bell is a 1/2 step longer than the preceeding bell. I'd love to get my hands on one of those, because you can technically play 7 notes at a time! Of course, there are a bunch of restrictions, like they all have to be in the same partial, but I'd need to have one in order to figure out the details, like ... if I blow 1/2 way between 2 partials, can I make the higher notes sound in the higher partial and the lower notes in the lower partial? Playing multiphonics on that thing would take years and years of practice!!

BMMI: a great art deco organ.

BMMI: precursor to the Danelectro longhorns?

BMMI: what can I say ... strange on so many levels...

BMMI: pickup selector switches ... but ... no pickups?

BMMI: a HUGE old synth